Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

That song took on a whole new meaning for me this weekend. I stood in the pouring rain this morning bonding with my dear hubby as we packed up our camp and got soaked to the bone. I found myself wishing that singing that song would actually work! :) I am so grateful that Uncle Kevin and Auntie Heather were also camping nearby in their RV so the girls had a dry spot to hang out while JC and I tried to remove our tent from the lake that had formed underneath overnight. We actually had a fantastic time this weekend despite the rain. Saturday was perfect weather. JC brought his butterfly nets so the girls, their daddy and their cousins were on a mission to find butterflies. We were on a catch and release mission, of course. We had to reassure the ranger of this when he stopped to ask us about our entourage with nets. Pictures say it better than I can so here goes:

Belle said she was Camilla from one of her favorite books A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

I'm not sure who was more into the butterfly catching, Daddy or the girls?

Home sweet home!

Cousins on a mission!

The Butterfly team

Nannie and Jax

Notice there are no pictures of a wet campsite. I had my hands a little full :) Oh well, we have fun rain or shine. Plus, Daddy spoiled us and treated us to a yummy dinner out tonight when we got home. I love my family!


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