Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Awesome Field Trip!

Yesterday, my sweet Rose went on her first school field trip. Luckily, I happen to be one of the teachers on the trip so I got to be in on the fun. We've been studying Community Helpers at school so we took all of the Pre-K classes to the Pinellas Park Fire Station 33. The kids had a great time! The firefighters were so great with our kids! They gave them a tour of their station and let the kids each have a turn with the water hose. Rose couldn't wait to get home and tell her sister and her daddy about shooting that water! I was so impressed with the guys at Station 33. They gave our kids a great example of true Community Helpers and heroes. :)

Of course, I have pictures to share thanks to my sweet mother-in-law who came on the field trip with us.

In Nannie's car. Waiting for the fun to happen!

Patiently waiting my turn for that hose! :)

I think we may have a future firefighter on our hands!

This was a week of firsts already, and it's only Tuesday. Belle went on her first field trip today all by herself! (Meaning without her Mama!) I was spoiled last year because I got to go on all of her field trips. I was so nervous this morning and gave her the typical Mama Speech about staying with the group and not wandering off. Fortunately, she had a great time on the field trip, and I survived the hours of worry while she was gone! :)It was so nice to hear her chattering all the way home about the fun she had today. Next time I'll have to send my camera with someone so I can get some pictures. Better yet, I might just have to volunteer to go on the next trip!


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