Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, JC!

My handsome hubby is 40 today!

We went camping this weekend to help him celebrate the Big 4-0.
Here's some of my favorite moments from this weekend:

French toast for breakfast :)

We brought my sister along with us. The girls have a blast with Aunt Laney Bird!

Even G-man came along for the party

JC's mom decorated our tent while we had a family rest. Love those afternoon naps in the tent!

Some of us napped a little longer than others :) I think all that kite flying did her in.
Between Barbies, dinosaurs, kites and kickball I don't think Belle and Rose gave their Auntie Laney any time to rest :)

Being silly with Daddy's birthday crown

Happy birthday to my sweet hubby!

I look forward to the next 40 years of adventures alongside my best friend. I'll make sure we celebrate his 80th camping too! Hehehe! :) God is so good and our family is so blessed!


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  1. It really was a beautiful weekend! We were blessed with so much fun and and great weather to celebrate JC's Birthday.