Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Sew Halloween Tote

I have been in crazy project mode this weekend! By crazy, I mean 4 costumes and 8 trick-or-treat totes (6 were sewn and the other two were no-sews). Believe it or not, it was actually a great weekend. This kind of stuff is super fun for me. I shared a tutorial earlier on the easy sew bags I made so I figured I'd do a quick tutorial for my friends who don't sew. I made these super cute bags for my girls to carry tomorrow in about 30 minutes start to finish for both bags. Interested in making one of your own? Here's how:

Here's the bascis of what you need: an iron, ironing board, scissors, some fun fabric, Heat N' Bond Iron On Adhesive (LOVE this stuff!), a canvas tote of any size and if you're a girl like me some ribbon (this is used as added flair)
You may also want a piece of scrap paper and some fabric paint. (We'll get to those later)
 First, follow the directions on the Heat N' Bond package to adhere your fabric.
Trace whatever you want your tote bag to say onto your scrap paper, cut it out, and then trace it onto the Heat N' Bond paper. Make sure you trace your letters backwards b/c when you iron them you'll get a mirror image.
(I've learned this the hard way!) Cut out the letters and remove the paper backing.

Make sure to line up your design before you start ironing.

I like to add fabric paint once I have finished adhering the fabric.
This gives it a little polished look and prevents the fabric from curling or fraying.

Now if you're a girl like me, nothing is complete without a bow so use your ribbon to add a cute accent and you're done!
(Want in on a secret? This tote's bow doubles as a hair bow! I love those little surprises!)

See how easy that was? Now go try it and tell me how it goes!


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