Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jax!

Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday. He will be two. I was trying to decide what to make him for his birthday and I thought what two year old doesn't like matchbox cars? So, I decided to make him a car mat. I got into my felt stash and went to work. I made him a little neighborhood where I hand stitched the names of his cousins on each house. I made one of these car mats before for a good friend's son, but hand stitched everything. This time I used my sewing machine to put everything together once I had it cut out. It was so nice to have the sewing time cut by hours :). I took the girls to Jaxon's birthday party today. They made new friends at Build-a-Bear and had a blast hanging out with their cousins.

Jax's neighborhood.
He can park the cars in each house b/c I left one side open on each house.

It folds up nicely so he can take it with him.

The birthday boy! :)

Cousins and cupcakes

Rose just likes the icing


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  1. Love your site! Jax loved his present too!! So creative!

    Thanks Aunt Janessa xoxo