Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Fun

We had a great long weekend! We had one of those rare weekends where we got JC all to ourselves with no work! :) When we get a weekend like this we often try to get away so we headed to Orlando for the weekend. We spent a day a Sea World, played at the pool/ water park area at our hotel and shopped at one of JC's favorite spots: Bass Pro Shop. It was an awesome time, but pictures say it much better than words:

We always make sure to visit our dear friends the dolphins.
 I love watching the girls interact with them through the glass.

Our Sea World tradition: tattoos.
I told them these are the ONLY tattoos Mommy will ever approve of b/c they wash off in 3 to 5 days.

Rose loves the rides.

The girls are starting to get brave. I wish I could include sound with pictures b/c Belle "Woohoo'd" the whole ride :)

My little redneck girl...

... and her redneck sister!

This pretty much sums up the weekend. We were all exhausted! We planned ahead and made Monday our day of rest.

Loving my life and counting my blessings! Thank you, Lord, for weekends like these.


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