Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time Flies!

Tomorrow marks the last official day of my summer vacation. I have to report back to work on Monday morning. Fortunately, God has blessed with with a job I absolutely love so I don't dread going back to work too much. However, I cherish the time I get to spend at home with my girls. I have had a great time with them this summer. They have one more week so our countdown will continue through next week. They are very excited every morning (usually earlier than I would prefer) to go and pull a loop off our chain to see what our adventure of the day will be. We've been busy this week. Don't worry! I took lots of pictures to share :)

Tuesday was "Do a craft project" day in our countdown. The teacher in me always likes to include literacy in most of our crafts so we read an all time favorite book of ours Messy Meals by Betsy Franco. We've read it so many times it is literally held together with Scotch tape. The girls love it! They decided to make paper pizzas after we read, and Belle had paper meatballs between her toes just like the girl in the story.

Wednesday gave us a lesson in flexibility and creativity. We were supposed to watch a movie at the theater, but when it was time to leave there was a major thunderstorm complete with super scary lightening, so we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast, pop some popcorn,turn out all the lights and enjoy a movie at home.
We did venture out after the storm to Michael's. Not much can keep me out of that store :). We found some Do-a-Dots markers and the girls had fun practicing making the letters in their names with the dots. I love how much you can do with those delightful little markers!

Today was an exciting day. It was haircut day for all the girls in our house. Belle has been talking about this for weeks. Rose is not too keen on getting her hair cut, but bravely informed Miss Jeanne today that she would NOT cry. I adore my hairdresser! She is great with the girls. For fun, we decided to do before and after shots:

Gotta love it when you ask a 3 year old to smile and this is what you get!

Belle got ahold of the camera and snuck some shots.
She was so into having her picture taken today.
It doesn't look much different here,
but there was about three inches of curls left on the floor.
She was so happy her hair is short just like Aunt Bird's.
Not much difference in mine except those grays that were peeking through my part are now just a bad memory.

Sorry for such a long post, but like a said- we've been busy! :)


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