Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Full Speed Ahead

Well, our nice relaxing summer speed has officially been kicked up a few notches. We are now in full swing fall mode. The girls and I have finally adjusted to our back to school routine, but today marked the beginning of a busy fall. The girls started back to dance today. They were both super excited about getting back to dancing. Now, today was just the start of the official classes. Dancing never actually ceases in our house. At least one of the girls is always spinning or showing off her new moves :) Of course I had to capture their superstar dance looks to share with you:

My sweet little tomboy actually asked to wear a skirt! I love that she looks so 80's :)

My little Diva! She's always ready to pose.
She does not go anywhere but school without her white "tapper shoes" as she calls them.

I did squeeze in a little crafting time last night after the girls went to bed. In between folding the baskets and baskets of laundry that just seem to grow out of my bedroom floor (does anyone else have this problem?!) I pulled out my ironing board and a sparkly applique I bought at Michael's a few months ago. I've been trying to jazz up my work wardrobe. (Remember I teach Pre-k so that means jeans and t-shirts) Here's a look at my newest Bobcat shirt: (Rose has already requested one in her size)

 This is only the beginning of our busy fall schedule, but I am excited to see the ways God is going to bless our little family. I may end up painting racing stripes on my minivan to keep up with everything, but I plan to enjoy every minute!


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