Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Fun

I know I'm a little late, but we had so much fun this year I have to share. Rose had four different costumes! She wanted one for dance, one for the party at Uncle Kevin and Auntie Heather's house, one for school and one for Trunk or' Treat. It was a blast! Just take a look:

Belle fell in love with this costume. I think she'd wear it every day if I'd let her :)

We even talked Daddy into dressing up. This is as dressed up as he gets for Halloween.

Belle has two nights of dance so she wanted to wear her "Bride" dress one of those nights.

Rose's costume #1: Ariel

Cousins Halloween party. Rose costume # 2: Purple Ballerina

We had some fun at school too!

My whole team dressed up like Toy Story characters. I had a little too much fun.
(I put together my costume and the potato heads. I got the inspiration from one of my favorite blogs- Oopsey Daisy )

Rose costume # 3: Hula girl

Rose costume # 4: Minnie Mouse princess

I love these sweet girls!
 Too much fun! I am so blessed :)


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