Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring is in the Hair!

No, that was not a typo. At my house, Spring is in our hair :) The girls and I went yesterday for a hair cut. Rose got the most drastic cut (about 5 inches cut). I think they look adorable:

There's lots of activity in our house during this fun season. I happen to love spring. If for no other reason- we get SPRING BREAK! Yes, a wonderful week off in just two short weeks. I'm so looking forward to dusting off my sewing machine and having some fun while the girls and I are off school.

Mr. J has some big projects going as well. He is turning our backyard into a city farm. He is currently working on structure to support an aquaponics system. From my minimal understanding of its workings, we will have tanks of fish that fertilize plants and the plants in turn feed the fish. A great cycle that uses no soil to grow a garden full of veggies. The outcome should be great! PLUS, Mr. J has decided we need chickens. He is also building a chicken coop in the backyard. We'll have a yard full of veggies and eggs. Not something I was a big fan of at first, but I guess I am in for the adventure since the chickens will be arriving the first week in April. There will definitely be pictures as this adventure unfolds!

Happy Spring to all! :)


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