Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Summer Favorite

I've been squeezing in lots of projects this summer. I thought I'd share one of my favorites. I made a Quiet Book for my neice's first birthday. I got some of my ideas and inspiration from some super creative and talented ladies at Apron Girls and Oopsey Daisy. My latest obsession has been hand-sewing felt. So, I gathered my supplies and after a week of late nights, here's the result:
All the letters on this page are attached with Velcro so she can move them and match the letters and colors.

All the flowers on this page can be moved and switched around.
The teacher in me loves the fine motor skill practice she'll be getting! :)

The teacher in me loves this one too.
Plus, it's so darn cute!

The three little animals are finger puppets. Juli loved this page! :)

I love it! My neice loved it too. My sweet Rose decided she wants one so I'm working on another one now. Rose is a year older than her cousin so we are making things a little different for her.
 I will post pictures when I finish.


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