Friday, July 22, 2011

Diving In

For the past year I have been following craft blogs. For some reason I kept feeling the need to create a blog of my own, but of course I came up with many excuses as to why I could not possibly do it.

My daughters  have been taking swimming lessons and the other day I watched as my sweet Belle climbed the ladder to the diving board for the first time. She stepped tentatively to the end of the board, and I felt myself holding my breath. Then she did it! She just jumped! She came up for air and was grinning from ear to ear. Watching her, I couldn't help but feel that I have been standing on the edge of my "diving board" for too long. So... I decided I'm diving in! I don't know where this adventure will take me, but I hope my girls will be able to look back at this blog some day and remember some of the love, laughter, maybe a few tears, but an abundance of blessings that I hope to record here. Thanks for being part of my journey!


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