Saturday, April 21, 2012

Urban Farmers

I guess that's what we should be called now. I haven't posted in a while because we have had a flurry of activity at our house. Mr. J has turned our backyard into an urban farm. I can't help but marvel at the talents God has given JC. When he came home one day and said he wanted to have chickens in the backyard I have to admit I was slightly concerned about his sanity. However, as this project has unfolded I am simply in awe of my husband. He took plans that he found on the internet and turned them into what I now refer to as the Chicken Mansion. God has truly gifted him and I have really enjoyed watching him use those gifts. Here's a little peek at what's been happening in our backyard:

This is what the chicks lived in for the first three weeks of life IN MY DINING ROOM!
Can you tell I was not very excited about their living situation?

JC started building...
... and building (the girls thought it was a stage)
Until, finally he had a finished product, complete with electrical wiring for lighting and a fan.

Belle has been so excited about this project.

Moving the chicks into their mansion.

I think she would sleep out here if we let her!
Rose prefers to watch them from afar.

The chicks checking out their new digs. It's been 4 days and they seem to be adjusting well.

So...although I was very resistant to the idea of chicks in my backyard, I have to admit JC did an awesome job putting it all together. (Did I mention I'm crazy about him?!) PLUS, we also have an aquaponics system he created (that's another post coming soon). I'm sure we will have plenty more stories and adventures to share! :)

aka Mama Hen


  1. Clearly we are only 90% done on the coop. There is still the roof to finish, electric to put into conduit and lets not forget the flower pots that will go around the coop. It is also nearly 75% built with recycled wood. Wood gained from pallets, shipping material and left over construction wood. The base and roof members are pressure treated lumber from home depot. Hinges and hardware were purchased months ago at home depot in the close out section for 50% off. All in all about $450-500 out of pocket (roof $100, screws $40, wood $100, wire $90, sand $55, concrete blocks $30, plywood $50, and the rest was odd stuff for chickens). oh yeah, chickens were a whooping $3 ea. But I am "eggsited"