Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Daddy Ever!

The girls are growing up so fast! It seems the more they grow the smaller my house gets. At this point we are in a small two bedroom house, and the girls are sharing a room. I expressed my concern to my sweet husband a few weeks ago that the girls were in need of their own space. He started brainstorming and came up with a great idea. Not only did he come up with the great idea- he actually made it happen this weekend! :) Here's what he did:
The girls had bunk beds and a little space to play, but no space of their own besides their bed. So...

Daddy built super sturdy platforms and turned the girls' beds into loft beds! They love it!!!

He built a platform and we had stairs so both girls can easily get in and out of bed.

Belle loves what she calls "My play spot". She's been under there for hours writing in her diary! :)

Rose likes to take everything out in her spot and play in the living room :)

... or in the middle of the bedroom.

PLUS, as an added bonus- he hung shelves for me so we could organize all the bags we have- school, dance and Awana bags. I love this man!!

So Daddy was officially the hero of the weekend. Way to go Daddy! :)


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